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"[Chromesthesia] is a type of synesthesia, where sound can evoke an experience of colour. You may be seeing music in colour or seeing sound as colour. It could be everyday things, for instance: the sizzle of bacon on a hot pan (red), the trickle of water from a jug into a glass (blue), or even the tinkling of coins in your pocket (gold).

Chromesthesia can also be something more technical, when a major or minor key evokes the image of different colours, as will specific notes like C (red), G (orange), D (yellow) and so on. However, there is no fixed sound-to-colour association and these combinations vary from person to person."

- Sound of Life

Originally this image was created for Blindman Brewing in collaboration with Sherbrooke Liquor. I was asked to listen to Stephen Bezan's, The Gunwale Project and illustrate what was then conjured up in my head for their beer collab. At times, The Gunwale Project made my chest feel so tight and at others it was like floating in a deprivation tank. It was hard to illustrate the feeling, and Stephen himself said his music was his attempt "to make sort of “dream-like” sounds that can be either relaxing or disorienting at times."

I knew after finishing this project that it would make a great mural, so when Edmonton Mural Fest approached me and asked if I would like to create a temporay mural outside of one of the many Edmonton Breweries on Happy Beer Street, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Bonus surprise for me: the folks at EMF used Chromesthesia to set the stage for the DJ's playing at their end of festival party.

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