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Naked and Unashamed

Andréa's artistic journey began with a fascination for figurative work, nurtured from a young age and deepened through an exploration of the historical significance of the nude in art. Prompted by her high school art teacher's insight into the challenge of depicting the familiar, Andréa embarked on a quest to truly perceive her subjects, shedding preconceptions to capture their essence authentically.

Her artistic path took a significant turn as she grappled with societal norms and personal biases, recognizing the subtle ways in which she had internalized and perpetuated ideals of body image. Motivated by a commitment to the body positive movement, Andréa advocates for respect and acceptance regardless of appearance, challenging conventional perceptions of nudity and its associations.

Driven by empathy and informed by lived experiences, Andréa's work champions the dignity of all individuals, particularly women, resisting reductionist judgments and fostering inclusivity. Through her art, she seeks to dismantle stereotypes and promote a discourse that celebrates the inherent beauty of humanity in its diverse manifestations.

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