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Fine Art / Graphic Design / Illustration


About Me

Living and working in Edmonton, Alberta, Andréa Schmidt (pronounced on-dray-ah) is an artist of many mediums; although pushing paint around seems to be her favourite.


Like a lot of creatives out there, I suffer from wanting to do and try everything. My instagram feed might not be perfectly curated, but I enjoy the variety.


After a couple of years at the UofA studying pre-vet, I decided to switch gears and now have a diploma in both Fine Arts and Graphic design. I've participated in a variety of solo and group exhibitions, collaborations (a personal fave), workshops and art walks. You can keep up with what I'm doing on a semi regular basis on my aforementioned Instagram account.


The bulk of my earlier work focused on the figure, and celebrating women in all shapes and forms. Lately I've really been digging into illustration and am on the lookout for more mural oppotunities. You can also find me working on landscapes, pet portraits and any challenges you want to throw my way.


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